A Learner Corpus: NICE (Nagoya Interlanguage Corpus of English)


The latest version: 3.3 is here.

The former version: 2.2.2 is here.

Thanks to KAKENHI,

In 2005, we designed and compiled a new learner corpus. We collected English essays, with copyright permission, written by both Japanese EFL learners and native English speakers: 200 essays were collected from each group. Based on the essay data, we compiled the Nagoya Interlanguage Corpus of English (NICE). The NICE consists of two subcorpora: NICE-NNS (non-native speaker data) and NICE-NS (native speaker data).

In 2006, we added native English speakers’ corrections to the learners’ essay data so that we can carry out error analysis.

Our learner corpus, NICE, is currently open to the public, and available on the Internet.